Punctuated Equilibrium

Almost made it a year between posts this time. I have accepted a nomination to be Vice-Chair of the LITA Education Committee, so perhaps I will start using this platform more frequently again. No promises, my nominal readers.

What I have found this blog to occasionally be useful as is a memex. More so than with […]

Until the Sun consumes the Earth, or next Tuesday

I’m working on another paper of digital preservation.  I’m trying out OneNote for my notes this time, so I don’t plan to post them here, as I’ve sometimes done in the past.  Here’s a choice quote though:

“Digital information lasts forever–or five years, whichever comes first.”  -Jeff Rothenburg

Evolving Design

I so wanted to use this image for the blog.  Darwin as the stereotypical shushing librarian, what a perfect image to represent evolving libraries!  Sadly, The Natural History Museum denied my request to reuse it.  As is their right, of course, but I wish they could have at least let me license it on […]

Back and at it again

After a whole summer off from MLIS work, I’m back in school and will be posting semi-regularly.  Taking Ethics and Data Analysis for Public Administrators classes, both of which look to be interesting.  I imagine I’ll have more to post here about ethics than about statistics, but you never know.  Stay tuned.

Hello World

Odds are no one will ever read this introductory post (or, quite possibly, any of the others that will follow!), so I’ll keep this short.  I work at a medium-sized public library (going on 6 years now) that’s part of a statewide consortium and I’m halfway through an MLIS. A large part of my […]