Notes on ITIL Small-scale Implementation

I found this is the stacks at D.H. Hill (it’s great working in a library–all your problems and potential solutions live in one spot!) 2005, so it’s a version behind on ITIL, but I figure the info at this level shouldn’t change all that much. I’ll be seeking out the v3 revised book in the […]

Kastellec’s Steps to Successful Delegation

Dictate a clear vision, goals, & constraints Make yourself available for questions, judgement calls, & course corrections Stay out of the way: let the delegate/team figure out the how. Empower delegate to own decision making & outcome

(Hat tip to…well, many leadership & project management books I’ve recently read. The above is a synthesis. Apologies for not being […]

Kastellec’s First Theory of Geek Success

In an organization that is not led by geeks, being right is a necessary but not sufficient condition for success. You must also be persuasive.

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Shared Learning

Photo by Nancy White

I just shared a slightly edited version of this with the LITA Education Committee:

I’ve been thinking about different ways to share best practices, trends, innovative solutions, shared problems, and the like. The big ALA and LITA conferences can be great venues for formal and informal sharing of […]

Fuel for the Everlasting Flame War…

…that is iOS vs. Android. I wrote a long Google+ post on the topic.


Side note: always tricky to decide where to post my thoughts, what with multiple facebook, twitter, G+ accounts and this blog, and also whether to push posts in one venue to the others. Not a unique problem by any […]

Forced Serendipity

I’ve embarked on a new project, or perhaps endeavor is a better word. At home, Iusually juggle a few books plus a couple magazines at any given time. During the run up to the opening of Hunt, plus my new responsibilities at the D.H. Hill Library, I found that I didn’t have the […]


Hunt Library opens its doors to the public today. This is our “soft launch,” as opposed to next month’s Grand Opening. I found myself wide awake at 3:00 AM for no good reason and there’s no going back to sleep now. I don’t want to overstate my role in getting Hunt to this point, […]

Fail, to Succeed

Twitter Fail Whale, redrawn as freaked out by ShannaBanan_o_rama at

I recently read Leonard Mlodinow’s Drunkard’s Walk, one of the many recent popular texts on behavioral economics. A very good read and this quote from Thomas J. Watson (the IBM one, not the telephone one) in the concluding chapter stuck with me:


Quotes from Access Conference 2012

I was hoping to add some new posts before I jetted up to Access but, as has become the norm, work intervened. C’est la vie (’cause we were in Montreal–GET IT?) Instead, I offer this selection of memorable quotes, unattributed, both because I didn’t know/keep track of those responsible and since I […]

Hunt Library in the News

Here’s a local news clip about the Hunt Library, which will open in 2013. Great job by my department head, Maurice York. The mock shushing and mention of the Dewey Decimal System by the anchorpeople was amusingly appalling.