A busy library with nary a librarian in sight (taken from

While preparing for a visit from Project Information Literacy’s Mike Eisenberg for the I.T. Littleton seminar at my workplace, I came across this table:

Resources Used When Course-Related Research Contexts Arise, from "Lessons Learned: How College Students Seek Information in […]

The Current

Boy, turn around for a minute and four months blow by. My last post was on Halloween (and noted that I have a paper in prepublication, which, to my surprise, still hasn’t seen print–is this the usual pace of professional publications?) Life here at NCSU is a blur and the pace is only increasing […]

Living on the bleeding edge

So some recent marketing-type materials carried the tagline “Everything you can imagine . . . and more!” I’ll self-impose a gag rule and let you draw your own opinion about the quality (or utter lack thereof) of that line.  Today, a comment from a vendor, who had just been briefed on the tech at […]



Posting here has been sparse (read: nonexistent) since I moved and started my position at the NCSU Libraries.  Part of that is pure busyness, part of it is being cautious about what I post about publicly, as much of what I’m working on now is still in the early planning stages.  I […]

Google Books

I’m nearly done with Steven Levy’s excellent history of Google and it’s got me thinking about Google Book Search/Print/Books and the settlement with the Authors Guild and APA.  I don’t want to get bogged down in the details of Google’s initial effort versus it’s eventual settlement because I think another important element is often […]

The DPLA as a generative platform

As usual, someone else said it better than I could.  Ovet at Inkdroid, Ed Summers nicely states what I was getting at in my comments at The PLA Blog:

Keeping an open mind in situations like this takes quite a bit of effort. There is often an irresistable urge to jump to particular use […]

More on the Digital Public Library of America

I’m continuing to get up to speed on this project.  One thing keeps rattling around my head as I read Nate Hill’s post and a later post at I read an interesting article while researching digital stewardship–I wish I could pull up the citation to give proper attribution but I haven’t been able […]

Nate Hill: A suggested approach for the Digital Public Library of America

Interesting perspective.  I’ve posted some comments on Nate’s site.


5 Myths About the ‘Information Age’ – Robert Darnton – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Not much I can argue with here.  I do think his five points have a bit of the straw man to them, but not dramatically so.  My comments, point by point:

We need better statistics and a few more years perspective, but my guess is the trend go forward will be for less printed […]

Article Idea: current issues in digital preservation explained simply

Article, not peer review:

use single example–archives for deceased author–to demonstrate various limitations facing archives today.