One of life’s little synchronous moments

As I slave away on a paper on digital preservation, I heard a snatch of Eine kleine Nachtmusik from the TV downstairs.  I checked my music library but surprisingly I don’t own a copy.  So I googled it, looking for a copy to listen to, and without much thought queued this up.  So, I […]

The Excluded Middle

One more Budd quote:

“[Those in the profession who see tradition and technology as mutually at war with one another] tacitly accept the law of the excluded middle, wherein only two possibilities are deemed legitimate for consideration. For them the choices are either the status quo or a radical technology-based difference. In many instances […]

Same As It Ever Was?

I’m using a recent paper by John M. Budd [PDF] in a paper but this part, which struck me as notable, isn’t relevant to my topic, so I’m posting it here instead:

When the roles of colleges’ and universities’ libraries are discussed, one word tends to recur—transition. There has scarcely been a time since […]

Miami University Augmented Reality Research Group’s Librarian’s Dream App – Augmented Reality Meets Book Shelves [Android Police]


I can see many other use case for QR-coded spine labels (or RFID tags, though I don’t know if they would be location specific enough to determine the order of a set of tags on a shelf).  From a user perspective, why not guide them from the catalog directly to the item […]

Until the Sun consumes the Earth, or next Tuesday

I’m working on another paper of digital preservation.  I’m trying out OneNote for my notes this time, so I don’t plan to post them here, as I’ve sometimes done in the past.  Here’s a choice quote though:

“Digital information lasts forever–or five years, whichever comes first.”  -Jeff Rothenburg

Adam Gopnik: How the Internet Gets Inside Us (The New Yorker)

There is, for instance, a simple, spooky sense in which the Internet is just a loud and unlimited library in which we now live—as if one went to sleep every night in the college stacks, surrounded by pamphlets and polemics and possibilities. … To see that that is so is at least to drain […]

Restrictions on eBook lending

Required reading:

I cannot over-emphasize that we are in trouble my friends. The lack of legislative leadership and advocacy in the last decade has created a situation where libraries have lost the rights to lending and preserving content that we have had for centuries. We have lost the right to buy a piece of […]

We live in the future’s past

I keep thinking about how we look back at earlier ages and think them so stunningly primitive.  Someday that will be us.

Three magazines I regularly read have all recently featured articles about problems with scientific studies, the persistence of bad results, peer-review, and journals. I think Lehrer’s in the New Yorker was the […]

Larry Wimore/The Daily Show on censorship in Huck Finn

Poignant and hilarious, as The Daily Show always is at its best.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Mark Twain Controversy Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> The Daily Show on […]

Response to K. G. Schneider’s (The Free Range Librarian) Post: Scilken’s Law and the Future of Libraries

Worthy read from the Free Range Librarian.  Schneider argues that … well, I’m not sure exactly what she’s arguing for.  She clearly is arguing against e-books, licensing as opposed to fair use, and any move toward shrinking physical collections.  In some respects I agree with her–it may be unlikely that public libraries will ever […]