Evolving Design

I so wanted to use this image for the blog.  Darwin as the stereotypical shushing librarian, what a perfect image to represent evolving libraries!  Sadly, The Natural History Museum denied my request to reuse it.  As is their right, of course, but I wish they could have at least let me license it on […]

The mistake of Progressivism

I was thinking this morning about conflicts between ethical values and how they are resolved within librarianship.  Preer emphatically states that, A, service IS access, and B, the profession completed this profound shift in values around the 1975 Statement on Ethics.  My only problem with Preer’s narrative is the Determinism that underlies it.  After […]

Tweets from LITA National Forum 2010

Work was generous enough to send me to this year’s LITA Forum.  I ended up tweeting quite a bit (I think I might hold the title for the weekend–don’t know how that happened).  Don’t know how much longer they’ll be accessible, but you can find them (plus replies) here.  I actually picked up a […]