Hunt Library in the News

Here’s a local news clip about the Hunt Library, which will open in 2013. Great job by my department head, Maurice York. The mock shushing and mention of the Dewey Decimal System by the anchorpeople was amusingly appalling.


New paper: Practical Limits to the Scope of Digital Preservation

As has been noted in some far-flung corners of the internet, I have a paper in the next current volume of ITAL.  It’s currently available on ITAL’s preprint archive here.  I’m reasonably satisfied with it, considering it’s my first.  There was a period there, when I was completely immersed in everything published on the topic in […]


A busy library with nary a librarian in sight (taken from

While preparing for a visit from Project Information Literacy’s Mike Eisenberg for the I.T. Littleton seminar at my workplace, I came across this table:

Resources Used When Course-Related Research Contexts Arise, from "Lessons Learned: How College Students Seek Information in […]