Kastellec’s Steps to Successful Delegation

Dictate a clear vision, goals, & constraints Make yourself available for questions, judgement calls, & course corrections Stay out of the way: let the delegate/team figure out the how. Empower delegate to own decision making & outcome

(Hat tip to…well, many leadership & project management books I’ve recently read. The above is a synthesis. Apologies for not being […]

Kastellec’s First Theory of Geek Success

In an organization that is not led by geeks, being right is a necessary but not sufficient condition for success. You must also be persuasive.

See also: http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/geeks-and-non-geeks-contraxioms-collaboration-higher-education

Punctuated Equilibrium

Almost made it a year between posts this time. I have accepted a nomination to be Vice-Chair of the LITA Education Committee, so perhaps I will start using this platform more frequently again. No promises, my nominal readers.

What I have found this blog to occasionally be useful as is a memex. More so than with […]