Who *wouldn’t* want to use Adobe Creative Suite via Remote Desktop?


This seems like a…funny way of offering “anywhere access” to apps, given what I’ve seen from VMWare’s ThinApp and Mirage products (and I’m sure there are competitors offering similar alternatives.)

Kastellec’s Steps to Successful Delegation

Dictate a clear vision, goals, & constraints Make yourself available for questions, judgement calls, & course corrections Stay out of the way: let the delegate/team figure out the how. Empower delegate to own decision making & outcome

(Hat tip to…well, many leadership & project management books I’ve recently read. The above is a synthesis. Apologies for not being […]

Kastellec’s First Theory of Geek Success

In an organization that is not led by geeks, being right is a necessary but not sufficient condition for success. You must also be persuasive.

See also: http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/geeks-and-non-geeks-contraxioms-collaboration-higher-education

Punctuated Equilibrium

Almost made it a year between posts this time. I have accepted a nomination to be Vice-Chair of the LITA Education Committee, so perhaps I will start using this platform more frequently again. No promises, my nominal readers.

What I have found this blog to occasionally be useful as is a memex. More so than with […]