Hello World

Odds are no one will ever read this introductory post (or, quite possibly, any of the others that will follow!), so I’ll keep this short.  I work at a medium-sized public library (going on 6 years now) that’s part of a statewide consortium and I’m halfway through an MLIS. A large part of my coursework involves reading Library Science papers and writing papers.  I’ve created this blog for two purposes: A, to create a mechanism to expand my marginalia into complete thoughts, which I then can easily translate into drafts and then finished papers; and B, to preserve the glittering nuggets of incredible insight for posterity (that’s humility by way of obviously exaggerated boasting, or possibly brazen egotism–you’ll figure it out eventually if you stick with me.)  After I graduate, I hope that I’ll continue posting on a wider range of topics.  We shall see …

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I have to hunt down a bottle of champagne to break over the bow of this blog, Mrs. Judge Smails-style.

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