More on the Digital Public Library of America

I’m continuing to get up to speed on this project.  One thing keeps rattling around my head as I read Nate Hill’s post and a later post at I read an interesting article while researching digital stewardship–I wish I could pull up the citation to give proper attribution but I haven’t been able to find it again–which posited that the shift into digital will redefine the barriers between libraries, museums, and archives.  Essentially, the thought is that the front-end of a digital collection no longer needs to be intrinsically tied to the back-end.  Archives can select, acquire, and preserve objects, while libraries/museums can handle discovery and access, creating overlapping, dynamic collections that pull objects from archives.

Is the DPLA intended to be a front-end or a back-end?  I need to do some more reading but I think the discussion of forking the project may be related to this question.

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