New paper: Practical Limits to the Scope of Digital Preservation

As has been noted in some far-flung corners of the internet, I have a paper in the next current volume of ITAL.  It’s currently available on ITAL’s preprint archive here.  I’m reasonably satisfied with it, considering it’s my first.  There was a period there, when I was completely immersed in everything published on the topic in recent memory, that I briefly felt like I understood the topic as well as anyone not actively involved in digital preservation possibly could.  And then I moved on to other things :)


The biggest takeaway for me was the provocative but extremely well-reasoned work of David S. H. Rosenthal at LOCKSS.  I found his work rather late in the process of researching and writing and it blew a hole through many of my early conclusions.   I rebuilt and I hope the conclusions are stronger for it.

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