Notes on ITIL Small-scale Implementation

ITIL Small-scale Implementation book coverI found this is the stacks at D.H. Hill (it’s great working in a library–all your problems and potential solutions live in one spot!) 2005, so it’s a version behind on ITIL, but I figure the info at this level shouldn’t change all that much. I’ll be seeking out the v3 revised book in the future just in case. Some notes, for future self-reference:

  •   Fig 1.2 Village-City comparison
  •  IMG_20140909_151853
  • In both the above examples, we (NCSU Libraries) are past the inflection point along to road to largeness/”city-dom,” with growing pains to fit
  • Merge ITIL roles to match smaller, less-specialized staff:
    • Proactive Problem Management & Availability Management (if not full time, then regular team meeting)
    • Incident Mgmt & Service Desk
    • Configuration, Change, and Release Mgmt
    • Finance & Resource Capacity Mgmt (budgeting & ROI amke sense to me. Ditto licensing and capacity planning. But there are parts of this role I understand less than the others, so far.)
    • IT Services Continuity Mgmt (Disaster Recovery)
    • SLM, Business & Service Capacity Mgmt, and Relationship Mgmt (Link between IT and business)
  • Most essential elements of ITIL/places to start: Service Catalog, Incident Mgmt, Configuration Mgmt

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