Quotes from Access Conference 2012

sneak peek of #accessYUL swag...
I was hoping to add some new posts before I jetted up to Access but, as has become the norm, work intervened. C’est la vie (’cause we were in Montreal–GET IT?) Instead, I offer this selection of memorable quotes, unattributed, both because I didn’t know/keep track of those responsible and since I like how they stand devoid of any context.


“Scale is the new horizon of intellectual inquiry.”

“Your diagram of your ontology system architecture consists of ontology relationships…that’s turtles all the way down”

“Personalization looks a lot like prejudice”


“URLs are your contract with the world”

“Textbook edition mishigas”

“So it’s dental DAMS”


“We can’t train our users”

“Search engine sucks”

“How might the library catalogue make the user experience feel embodied?”

“Serendipity is finding things you weren’t looking for, because finding things you were looking for is so difficult.”

I can’t overstate what a great conference Access was. Smart, engaging, fun people in abundance. By Sunday I was half-joking about starting “Access South [of the Border,]” with an inaugural session at Hunt Library. Who knows…maybe I can put a bug in the right person’s ear …

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