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I just shared a slightly edited version of this with the LITA Education Committee:

I’ve been thinking about different ways to share best practices, trends, innovative solutions, shared problems, and the like. The big ALA and LITA conferences can be great venues for formal and informal sharing of information, but the majority of LITA members, let alone other librarians can’t or don’t attend every one. ITAL can be useful but is infrequently published and high-level in nature. LITA-L is great but it normally has very targeted threads: poster poses question, discussion ensues, problem solved or thread trails off. I envision a role for this committee in facilitating one or more forums beyond those just listed to help people tap into what the current happenings are with the “effective integration of technology in Libraries” ( a primary strategic goal for the committee.)

I’m open to a variety of formats for this type of forum. It could be open Google hangouts–or even an IRC channel, if we want to kick it old school–for synchronous but remote (and free!) informal, undirected conversation about tech in libraries. It could be local or regional unconferences centered around technology. It could be both and more besides.

I just know that I work at a library that does a lot of interesting and new things with technology, and often we’re lousy at sharing the lessons learned back to the community because we’ve moved on to the next thing. I also know that we end up reinventing the wheel far too often. I’d like to see ways to share information more laterally and serendipitously, like often occurs at one of the big conferences, for the benefit of the many members who aren’t at those conferences.

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