Look Ma, I’m on YouTube

The recording of my short talk from Access 2012, New Mean to New Ends, is finally online.

I’m amused by the list of related videos YouTube pulls in on the right side of you visit the actual video page. I don’t know if they’re customized for me, but I see half other Access talks […]

New Means to New Ends

Here are the visuals for my recent Access presentation. When they post video at accessconference.ca, I’ll link to it.

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I’d like to have a longer post about the topics addressed in my talk, but I’m close to working every waking moment right now, trying to keep my […]

Quotes from Access Conference 2012

I was hoping to add some new posts before I jetted up to Access but, as has become the norm, work intervened. C’est la vie (’cause we were in Montreal–GET IT?) Instead, I offer this selection of memorable quotes, unattributed, both because I didn’t know/keep track of those responsible and since I […]