5 Myths About the ‘Information Age’ – Robert Darnton – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Not much I can argue with here.  I do think his five points have a bit of the straw man to them, but not dramatically so.  My comments, point by point:

We need better statistics and a few more years perspective, but my guess is the trend go forward will be for less printed […]

Same As It Ever Was?

I’m using a recent paper by John M. Budd [PDF] in a paper but this part, which struck me as notable, isn’t relevant to my topic, so I’m posting it here instead:

When the roles of colleges’ and universities’ libraries are discussed, one word tends to recur—transition. There has scarcely been a time since […]

Response to K. G. Schneider’s (The Free Range Librarian) Post: Scilken’s Law and the Future of Libraries

Worthy read from the Free Range Librarian.  Schneider argues that … well, I’m not sure exactly what she’s arguing for.  She clearly is arguing against e-books, licensing as opposed to fair use, and any move toward shrinking physical collections.  In some respects I agree with her–it may be unlikely that public libraries will ever […]

The mistake of Progressivism

I was thinking this morning about conflicts between ethical values and how they are resolved within librarianship.  Preer emphatically states that, A, service IS access, and B, the profession completed this profound shift in values around the 1975 Statement on Ethics.  My only problem with Preer’s narrative is the Determinism that underlies it.  After […]

Speaking of dying industries . . .

I don’t think books are a dying industry, but there are parallels worth thinking about. http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/08/alt-text-dying-industries/