Kastellec’s Steps to Successful Delegation

Dictate a clear vision, goals, & constraints Make yourself available for questions, judgement calls, & course corrections Stay out of the way: let the delegate/team figure out the how. Empower delegate to own decision making & outcome

(Hat tip to…well, many leadership & project management books I’ve recently read. The above is a synthesis. Apologies for not being […]

Leftovers from Ethics class

I fell way behind on posting this semester, for reasons you might expect.  Here are some of my comments from the course of the past few months–I need to rescue them before the courseware deletes them forever.

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Thoughts on “Ethics and Standards” from Rubin’s Foundations of Library and Information Science

Some of my responses to Rubin’s chapter on ethics.  All quotes from Rubin, R. E. (2004). Foundations of Library and Information Science (2nd ed.). New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers.

Ethics in Leadership

“Most of the time, librarians do not think consciously about the ethical ramifications of what they do.  As with ethical conduct generally, our […]