The Current

Boy, turn around for a minute and four months blow by. My last post was on Halloween (and noted that I have a paper in prepublication, which, to my surprise, still hasn’t seen print–is this the usual pace of professional publications?) Life here at NCSU is a blur and the pace is only increasing as Hunt is now over the horizon and looming closer and closer ahead.

There’s no end to the interesting projects I get to work on these days. A short list would include expanding our use of Google Apps, planning for the implementation of an XRM system to improve transactions and relations with our patrons, bringing in awesome communication options to minimize the issues that will naturally arise from being split across two main branches, working on virtual referrals and a unified communication workflow, and aiding our Access and Delivery Services Department with tools to bring in Lean Business Practices and systems for real-time response to demand overload and service points.

I also attended Midwinter and will be headed to Anaheim this summer. I’m looking to get more involved with LITA–I met lots of great, smart LITAers in Dallas–though finding time is obviously tricky, and won’t improve any time soon. So, we’ll see.

Life continues to be interesting–can’t ask for much more than that.

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