The DPLA as a generative platform

As usual, someone else said it better than I could.  Ovet at Inkdroid, Ed Summers nicely states what I was getting at in my comments at The PLA Blog:

Keeping an open mind in situations like this takes quite a bit of effort. There is often an irresistable urge to jump to particular use cases, scenarios or technical solutions, for fear of seeming ill informed or rudderless. I think the DPLA should be commended for creating conversations at this formative stage, instead of solutions in search of a problem.

There are lots more interesting bits to Ed’s post, both about the DPLA and in general, so go read it. I’m am particularly interested in how he talks about aligned libraries with the grain of the web instead of against it, and shifting from library-defined standards to widely accepted web standards and SEO.  I’m still convinced that there’s an alternate reality that branched off from our own in the 90s, where librarians led the development of the web instead of lagging far behind other interested parties.  In our reality though, that ship has sailed–all libraries can really do now it is cast a grapple on Google and let it tow them along.


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