Tweets from LITA National Forum 2010

Work was generous enough to send me to this year’s LITA Forum.  I ended up tweeting quite a bit (I think I might hold the title for the weekend–don’t know how that happened).  Don’t know how much longer they’ll be accessible, but you can find them (plus replies) here.  I actually picked up a bunch of followers as a result, which is a weird, new, but nice occurrence.  I think I’m starting to figure out how to apportion my online networks–this blog is for long-term/long-form ideas, twitter has always been a news/link source for me but now its also my primary networking link to others in the library world, and facebook is just for friends (by which I mean actual friends who I also see face to face at least occasionally–no long lost acquaintances for me).  Sadly, I don’t see how Buzz fits into that breakdown–I’d love to use it but its never hit the critical mass it needs to be useful.

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